Let’s get messy with Daisy Weir, a 4th year Painting & Printmaking student, as she talks us through navigating an unprescribed ‘style’, creating nostalgia and finding the value in your work.

'Me in the Studio' - photo taken by handsome Rory O'Neill, 2019


Tell us a bit about yourself and where you're based.

I (she/her) am a messy and indecisive but slightly organisation obsessed painter, ceramicist, maker, whatever fits on the day. I was born, complained about everything, was a wannabe emo and then began painting all in sunny Glasgow, Scotland.


What do you make & how do you make it?

Throughout my 4 years at GSA, I haven’t had a ‘style’ of making work. I have painted everything from portraits, food, snakes and big colourscapes but have never really liked what I had made. Now my making is focused on my dad’s side of the family, the home he grew up in, creating nostalgia and a need to explore fondness through half forgotten memories. The world is so upside down at the moment and it feels like this is the only way I can find calmness.

'Floral Cushions' - acrylic on unprimed canvas, 2020


How do you think your practice sits in today's context?

There is so much for my paintings to explore especially when looking at family photos because there is so much emotion attached to stillness, but also so many horrendous floral-patterned carpets and wallpaper from the ‘60s. I dissect the photographs and begin to obsess over different objects I can see. I paint them, I remake them (very badly and without a technical process) and collect found objects. And then I hope it all comes together in some way.


What has been your biggest challenge to navigate?

Ermmmmmmmmmmmm… our lack of studio access. You can follow the discussion and campaign through @pauseorpayuk (Instagram) , GSA Student Effort (Facebook, message me to be invited), and can sign petitions such as: and​ I’m also terrible at sitting on Instagram all day so motivation is hard to come across. But if I drink enough tea I’ll be fine. Trying to find a balance between finding a calmness, promoting myself, being a platform to promote others, educating myself, and working part-time in a restaurant is really tiring but I’m doing okay… I think.

'Red Mug in Shade' - edited photograph, 12.5x13.8 cm, 2020


What's next on your practice-agenda? Goals, projects or any upcoming shows perhaps?

I've just recently published my website, I've been working on painting a single cover for a friends band, maybe a podcast in the near future, and a degree show? a planet without Covid? I really have no idea.

'Yellow Telephone and Diamond Jumper' - acrylic & oil pastels on canvas, top: 29.6x26cm, bottom: 26x29.6cm, 2020




Favourite studio food ?

That’s the worst question to ask me, I’ll go on forever… sugar coated waffles, Pepsi Max, chocolate digestives, chocolate raisins, chilli heatwave Doritos and carrots. I’ve got a little bit of a sweet tooth.

Something interesting you’ve seen this week?

I haven’t really left the house this week so nothing much. I did watch a documentary about the cheese rolling competition in Gloucester on Netflix. I’ve been listening to an audiobook version of ‘Women Don’t Own You Pretty’ by Florence Given. And I’ve been entering lots of giveaways on Instagram and still haven’t won any yet, It’s probably because I stepped over 3 drains all in a oner.

Final words of advice?

Don’t worry if you don’t have a ‘style’ of art work. Don’t worry about being able to describe what your work is about and why you think it is interesting and valuable. It's valuable to you and that’s enough. Make lots of work. You can exist through different lenses whether it be socially, aesthetically or artistically. Look after yourself first and foremost. Call people out on their bullshit. And drink lots of water.

'Log Study' - charcoal and graphite on paper, 25.3 x 21.2cm, 2020


Keep up to date on Daisy's work by following her on instagram at @daisyweirartist and check out additional work through her website at